International Clavichord Composition Competition:
Compose or submit an original work for solo clavichord.

The VII Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival (NHKF) is inviting composers of any age and nationality to submit works for the first international clavichord composition competition. The work must be an original, unpublished work for solo clavichord. It must not exceed 10 minutes in duration. The jury will give preference to works which take the nature and qualities of the clavichord into consideration, making the piece a genuine work for the instrument.

The scores may be submitted electronically as pdf files with the composer's pseudonym in the subject line to the following address: Each piece should have only its title printed on the cover; the identity of the composer along with the pseudonym, including address, email, phone number, biography, photograph and programme notes should be sent in separate email with the same subject to the same address. Composers submitting their scores via a link on a file sharing site such as Dropbox should ensure the files remain uploaded until receipt of the written adjudication following the conclusion of the competition. It is also possible to send scores by mail, in which case scores will not be returned.
The mailing address is:

Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival
Puijonrinteentie 5
70200 Kuopio

If the composer chooses to send the score's MIDI data in addition to the score it is possible to do so, but additional data or a recording is not required.

The deadline for entries is February 27, 2018.

All entries that the NHKF receives will be acknowledged prior to adjudication. Composers will be notified if any files of an electronic submission are corrupt or missing. It is the responsibility of the composer to provide the NHKF with pdf files that can be opened. If the composer is unable to supply the requested downloadable and readable files within the time limits detailed above, the entry will be deemed disqualified. Please contact the NHKF at for further information.

The works of the finalists will be selected by the jury to be performed in a concert at the VII Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival in Kuopio, Finland, in May 2018. Following the concert the jury will make a final decision on the winners, which will be announced the same day. There is a first prize of 1000€ and a second prize of 500€. The compositions of the first and second prize winners will be performed in 2019 at the VIII Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival, and on other occasions during the year. The NHKF reseves the right to perform or record any of the compositions of the finalists during 2018–2019, after which period copyright returns to the composers. The jury members will be confirmed later. The decision of the jury will be final and binding. The jury reserves the right not to award a prize if the submissions are not of sufficient quality.

Further details:
Anna Maria McElwain
Artistic Director
The Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival
Mobile: +358408350268
Deadline: 27 February 2018
Entry Fee: 00.00
Web site: