Keyboard Festival
The Nordic Historical
   Ohjelma 2018      Program 2018
Kuopio, Finland

May 22-31, 2018

Free admission to all recitals,
except 8/5€ to the recital at Kuopio Art Museum

Tuesday May 22 at 2 pm
Central Lutheran Congregational Hall
Prelude to Summer
Dalyn Cook, clavichord
Preludes from various composers

Tuesday May 22 at 7 pm
Kuopio Town Hall

JOUEZ! - Along With Molière
Elina Mustonen, actress, harpsichord
Couperin, Charpentier, Forqueray, d'Anglebert

Wednesday May 23 at 2 pm
Chapel of Kuopio Cathedral
In the Twirl of the Magical Sea
Eija Virtanen, clavichord
J.S. & C.P.E. Bach, Sweelinck, Mozart, Hewitt, Coral

Wednesday May 23 at 6 pm
Kuopio Art Museum
Cantor and Zenmaster
Mitra Virtaperko, poetry,
Anna Maria McElwain, clavichord
From J.S. Bach's DWK 1

Wednesday May 23 at 8 pm

St John's Church
Echoes from Afar
Emily Solomon, Baroque organ
Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Storace, Weckmann, Muffat, Bach

Thursday May 24 at 2 pm
Kuopio Town Hall
Fantasy and Romance
Albert Mühlböck, clavichord and piano
C.P.E. Bach & R. Schumann

Thursday May 24 at 6 pm
Kuopio Town Hall
Pearls in the Shadows –
forgotten masterpieces of 1700's keyboard sonatas

Miklós Spányi
Eckard, Müller, Forkel, Berhard

Friday May 25 at 2 pm
Meeting Hall of Kuopio City Library
Public Lecture
"Listening to the clavichord - Human physiology and psychology responsible for the fascination of music between pianissimo and piano"
Dr Claus Köppel

Friday May 25 at 3.30 pm
Meeting Hall of Kuopio City Library

Final of the International Clavichord Composition Competition

Esther Yae Ji Kim and Anna Maria McElwain, clavichord

Friday May 25 at 6 pm
Congregational Hall of the Orthodox Church
Les Rêveries de Carl Philipp
Daniel Cuiller, Baroque violin & poetry,
Jocelyne Cuiller, clavichord
C.P.E. Bach & Texts from Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Reveries of a Solitary Walker


Sunday May 27 at 3 pm

St Joseph's Church

Italian Dreams
Esther Yae Ji Kim,
Bach Italian Concerto & Haydn Sonata in E-flat

Sunday May 27 at 7 pm
St Joseph's Church
Storm of Emotion – Twelve Hands on Two Clavichords
Jocelyne Cuiller, Joel Speerstra, Albert Mühlböck, Esther Yae Ji Kim, Dalyn Cook & Anna Maria McElwain, clavichords

Monday May 28 at 2 pm
Chapel of Kuopio Cathedral
Il maestro a gli scolari - Bach and Followers
Albert Mühlböck, clavichord

Monday May 28 at 6 pm
St John's Church
Apollo and the Muses
Joel Speerstra, clavichord and Baroque organ
Fischer, Pachelbel etc.

Tuesday May 29 at 2 pm
Kuopio Museum
Sleepless Nights – Goldberg Variations
Anna Maria McElwain, clavichord

Tuesday May 29 at 6.30 pm
St Peter's Chapel (Kuopio big cemetery; a guided botanical tour of the cemetery, 5 pm)
Cherry Blossoms and Stormy Feelings
Jan Weinhold, clavichord
Müthel & Mozart

Wednesday May 30 at 2 pm
Hall of the State Administrative Agency
of Eastern Finland
Afternoon at the Bach's
Anthony Marini, Baroque violin,
Anna Maria McElwain, clavichord
J.S. and C.P.E. Bach

Wednesday May 30 at 6 pm
Old Parsonage
Free Evening for Performers and Friends of the Clavichord
Meeting with the artists, music, eating and socializing

Thursday May 31 at 2 pm
Alava Church
We Grew Into Mountains
Johanna Rossi, live installation,
Anna Maria McElwain
, clavichord
Bruna, Fux, Galuppi, Chopin, Debussy, Al-Sawad etc.

Thursday May 31 at 7 pm
Kuopio Town Hall
Firebirds – on Two Clavichords
Jan Weinhold and Anna Maria McElwain, clavichords
Bach & Müthel

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